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Mira Fey

After growing up in Germany, I studied in Sweden and England before moving to Geneva for the Master in Political Science/International Relations. I now study my PhD in the same field at the Graduate Institute, working on different impacts on prostitution markets, for example the deployment of peacekeepers as newly arrived potential clients. I started the Academic Writing Initiative at the Graduate Institute, providing workshops on various related issues for interested students. Moreover, I work as Research Assistant, analyzing German parliamentary debates on national security issues to find out about elite ideological consensus. Through my studies, I was able to not only think critically, but also started to learn how to write. I keep a blog on international issues and everyday-life sociological observations.

Articles de Mira Fey

International 16 août 2017

Growing up with white privilege

After the horrific killing in Charlottesville on the weekend of 12/13 August 2017 and the open display of racist ideology, Mira Fey revisited her own path of growing up white in Germany with the conviction that all people are equal and the continuous confrontation with discrimination and racism. In this article, the author describes how she became aware of her own whiteness and the privileges associated with it.

International 19 août 2015

5 reasons to cheer for Amnesty International on decriminalizing prostitution

On August 11, Amnesty International adopted a resolution which authorized their International Board to develop and adopt a policy on the advancements of human rights of sex workers through decriminalization. Even before its adoption, this resolution has provoked strong reactions, mainly from anti-sex work activists who claim that all prostitution is violence against (victimized) women. The author puts forth 5 reasons why the points of the resolution benefit people in the sex industry.