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William McComish

William McComish comes from Geneva, Switzerland and lives the US. He lives in Portland, Oregon, from where he observes American culture and politics. He studied international relations at the Graduate Institute of Geneva and philosophy and English literature at the University of Geneva. He writes in English and in French. William McComish est un Genevois vivant aux Etats-Unis. Il vit à Portland, en Oregon, d’où il observe la culture et la politique américaines. Il a étudié les relations internationales au Graduate Institute à Genève et la littérature anglaise ainsi que la philosophie à l’Université de Genève. Il écrit en anglais et en français.

Articles de William McComish

Société 21 août 2017

Cultural Appropriation: A Guide for the Perplexed

Is it insulting to wear a Native American headdress at a music festival? Is it culturally insensitive for a non Latino girl to wear hoop earrings? In other terms, is the reduction of a culture to a few stereotypical markers morally problematic? In his latest article, William McComish explores the moral stakes of cultural appropriation, a hotly debated topic often argued about with inconsistent arguments, he finds. From respecting the sacred to ignoring the oppressed, get a clearer perspective on the debate on cultural appropriation.

International 27 avril 2017

The Democrats’ 2016 Moral Tale (1/3): Hillary Clinton’s Original Sin

The story has three parts that correspond to the three phases of the election year: Hillary Clinton and the Democratic Party rigged the primaries, they were punished for this by losing the general election and they then refused to take responsibility for their loss. The first leg describes how Clinton’s victory against Sanders in the Democratic primaries came to be the original sin that set the narrative in motion...