Olivia-Jene Fagon
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Olivia-Jene Fagon

Hailing from Washington, D.C. Olivia-Jene moved to New York after pursuing Media Studies and Art History at Brown University. An art world observer and writer, Olivia works full time "mapping serendipity" and making connections between artworks and artists for The Art Genome Project, Artsy's search technology and discovery engine.

Articles de Olivia-Jene Fagon

Culture 21 novembre 2014

Pop Culture and Iconic Art History Mashups from the Father of Stencil Art

In 1991, French Street artist Blek Le Rat’s real identity was discovered when he was charged and fined for graffiti-ing his own version of Caravaggio’s Madonna and Child onto a wall in Paris. Since then, the godfather of stencil street art, born Xavier Prou, has continued to mine iconic works of art history for the imagery and iconography in his curtain-sized pieces. Appropriating images from a range of artists from Salvador Dalí to Leonardo da Vinci, Le Rat transports...