English Corner 23 novembre 2020

Responsible Business Initiative: Ethical and legal responsibilities must match

After a long and heated campaign, Switzerland will go to the polls next Sunday to vote on the Responsible Business Initiative, a legislation that would make Swiss-based transnational companies accountable before Swiss courts for human and environmental rights violations taking place in their worldwide value chains. In this article, Leonardo Rodríguez-Perez and Emmanuel Deonna express their support for this legislative change.

English Corner 25 janvier 2019

Beautiful memories of “The Battle of Algiers”

Gillo Pontecorvo’s “The Battle of Algiers” (1966) was the first film to tackle the Algerian war head-on, soon achieving international success for the perspective it offered on this painful and delicate topic. With his documentary “The Battle of Algiers: a Film in History”, Malek Bensmaïl walks us through the making of the cult film. By doing so, the Algerian film director enriches our understanding of how history and cinematographic art can work together as memorial tools. The two films will be screened and discussed this weekend as part of the 20th edition of the Geneva Black Movie Festival. Here is the interview conducted by Emmanuel Deonna with Malek Bensmaïl.

English Corner 9 Déc 2018

The Talented Ms. Gillibrand

Now that the midterms have passed (read: What Is At Stake In The 2018 Midterms? and The Gubernatorial Races in Georgia and Florida) and given Democrats reasons to hope to get back the presidency in 2020, their eyes turn to who could take on Donald Trump. Kirsten Gillibrand, Senator of New York, might just be […]

English Corner 4 Nov 2018

The Gubernatorial Races in Georgia and Florida

In both Georgia and Florida, new governors are going to be elected on November 6. Both of these elections are relevant for the nation as a whole because both states are populous, increasingly diverse and the political orientation they take in 2018 will be read as an indication of the direction they will take in 2020...

English Corner 28 Oct 2018

What Is At Stake In The 2018 Midterms ? 

Ever since Donald Trump was elected President of the United States of America, observers, political adversaries and supporters geared up for the midterm elections, the first nationwide electoral test for Donald Trump. William McComish breaks down the stakes of those elections for Democrats and Republicans in Congress.   On November 6, 2018, the United States […]

English Corner 12 Juil 2018

L'Entretien Jet d'Encre #14, Avec Jonathan Luke Austin

[INTERVIEW ALSO AVAILABLE IN ENGLISH] Comment les sciences sociales peuvent-elles rendre le monde meilleur ? Pour Jonathan Luke Austin, il ne faut pas s’arrêter aux idées. Si les chercheurs entendent avoir un impact décisif, ces dernières doivent trouver une expression matérielle. Dans le cadre d’un projet ambitieux financé par le Fonds national suisse de la recherche scientifique, le sociologue politique de l’IHEID cherche ainsi à développer des objets et des technologies qui permettraient d’enrayer des formes de violence aussi historiquement obstinées que la torture. Miguel Iglesias Lopez et Victor Santos Rodriguez ont rencontré, pour la 700e publication de Jet d’Encre, cet universitaire atypique.

English Corner 1 Mar 2018

The Appeal of the Good Life: DAESH Recruitment Videos and the Struggle over Normality

Most of us probably imagine the videos through which radical Islamic groups, such as DAESH, strive to appeal to and recruit followers in the West to be focused on religious propaganda, the life in a radical community and the adventures of holy war. However, the videos also appeal to something else: to the promise of a good, dignified and normal Western style life. In this piece, Professor Anna Leander underscores the significance of this appeal to normality and the paradoxical effect it is having. It triggers a struggle over normality in which anti-radicalizers deny any form of normality to DAESH and those joining it.

English Corner 30 Jan 2018

I don’t care about sex anymore.

Grappling with omnipresent sexual harassment, both in her research and also her personal life through her own experiences and those of friends, Mira Fey wrote down some reflections. This text is published on L’Encrier, a space of free stylistic expression.

English Corner 21 Août 2017

Cultural Appropriation: A Guide for the Perplexed

Is it insulting to wear a Native American headdress at a music festival? Is it culturally insensitive for a non Latino girl to wear hoop earrings? In other terms, is the reduction of a culture to a few stereotypical markers morally problematic? In his latest article, William McComish explores the moral stakes of cultural appropriation, a hotly debated topic often argued about with inconsistent arguments, he finds. From respecting the sacred to ignoring the oppressed, get a clearer perspective on the debate on cultural appropriation.

English Corner 16 Août 2017

Growing up with white privilege

After the horrific killing in Charlottesville on the weekend of 12/13 August 2017 and the open display of racist ideology, Mira Fey revisited her own path of growing up white in Germany with the conviction that all people are equal and the continuous confrontation with discrimination and racism. In this article, the author describes how she became aware of her own whiteness and the privileges associated with it.

English Corner 14 Juin 2017

The right way to be feminist?

Emma Watson or Beyoncé are famous examples of women self-proclaimed feminists, who are often criticized because their physical appearance supposedly doesn’t "match" their belief system. In this article, Kathryn Bilverstone argues that feminism doesn’t have any dress code.

English Corner 27 Avr 2017

The Democrats’ 2016 Moral Tale (1/3): Hillary Clinton’s Original Sin

The story has three parts that correspond to the three phases of the election year: Hillary Clinton and the Democratic Party rigged the primaries, they were punished for this by losing the general election and they then refused to take responsibility for their loss. The first leg describes how Clinton’s victory against Sanders in the Democratic primaries came to be the original sin that set the narrative in motion...

English Corner 31 Mar 2017

Heaven for traders, hell for the population

Hundreds of people demonstrated last Monday in Lausanne against the sixth edition of the global Commodities Summit organized by the Financial Times. Trading Paradise, now playing in Swiss theaters, is the third documentary by Swiss director Daniel Schweizer examining the impact of gold and raw materials extraction activities in South America and Africa. His latest documentary sheds crucial light on the human and environmental consequences of the business operated by two giant multinational mining companies based in Switzerland. An interview by Emmanuel Deonna.

English Corner 30 Août 2016

Hope lives through struggle: Ken Loach and « I, Daniel Blake » celebrated in Locarno

"I, Daniel Blake" by Ken Loach, which received a Palme d'Or at the Cannes film festival, was awarded the Prix du Public in Locarno. In Ticino, the British film-maker was accompanied by Dave Jones, one of the main actors in the film, and by Louise Osmond, director of the documentary “Versus: The Life and Times of Ken Loach”. A rare opportunity to explore a long career, to discuss his work with "real actors" and the common struggle for social justice in Europe.