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Anna Leander

Anna Leander est professeur au département de relations internationales / science politique de l’Institut de hautes études internationales et du développement de Genève (IHEID). Reconnue entre autres pour ses travaux portant sur les pratiques et la commercialisation de la sécurité, Professeur Leander est une des figures majeures dans le champ de la sociologie politique de l’international.

Articles de Anna Leander

International 1 mars 2018

The Appeal of the Good Life: DAESH Recruitment Videos and the Struggle over Normality

Most of us probably imagine the videos through which radical Islamic groups, such as DAESH, strive to appeal to and recruit followers in the West to be focused on religious propaganda, the life in a radical community and the adventures of holy war. However, the videos also appeal to something else: to the promise of a good, dignified and normal Western style life. In this piece, Professor Anna Leander underscores the significance of this appeal to normality and the paradoxical effect it is having. It triggers a struggle over normality in which anti-radicalizers deny any form of normality to DAESH and those joining it.