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Leonardo Rodriguez-Perez

Leonardo Rodríguez obtained a MA at Limoges University, specializing in French political history, as well as a MA in Foreign Societies and International Relations, from the Sorbonne University Paris I. He holds a PhD in international studies from IHEID. Currently, he is working as Human Rights consultant for NGOs, States and Intergovernmental Organizations. His main areas of expertise are Self-determination, Indigenous Peoples and Minorities Rights, Traditional Knowledge and Drug Policy.

Articles de Leonardo Rodriguez-Perez

Politique 23 novembre 2020

Responsible Business Initiative: Ethical and legal responsibilities must match

After a long and heated campaign, Switzerland will go to the polls next Sunday to vote on the Responsible Business Initiative, a legislation that would make Swiss-based transnational companies accountable before Swiss courts for human and environmental rights violations taking place in their worldwide value chains. In this article, Leonardo Rodríguez-Perez and Emmanuel Deonna express their support for this legislative change.