Kathryn Bilverstone
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Kathryn Bilverstone

Kathryn, a 29 year old anglophone from England, moved to Switzerland in 2010 after completing her bachelor’s degree in "Drama, Applied Theatre and Education", a three year Bachelors of Arts programme which aims to use the arts for education and rehabilitation. She has since started a Masters in social work with a particular focus on gender issues. Her master’s degree has led her to explore several issues concerning gender inequality and she is currently completing her "Travail de Memoire" on how street harassment is defined by both men and women.

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Genre 14 juin 2017

The right way to be feminist?

Emma Watson or Beyoncé are famous examples of women self-proclaimed feminists, who are often criticized because their physical appearance supposedly doesn’t "match" their belief system. In this article, Kathryn Bilverstone argues that feminism doesn’t have any dress code.