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Jack Williams

Jack Williams is the founder and President of the Global Negotiation Conference. He is currently pursuing his PhD in Political Philosophy at the University of Zürich. Jack has a Master in Political, Legal and Economic Philosophy from the University of Bern and a Bachelor in Politics with International Relations from the University of York. Jack previously worked as a Junior Research Fellow at the Institute of European and International Economic Law and completed an internship in the Sustainable Development and International Cooperation divisions at the Swiss Intellectual Property Institute.

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Jet d'ancre sur 1 avril 2016

Global Negotiation Conference 2016

We are all constantly negotiating, whether when discussing with friends which restaurant to eat at or when we request extra holiday for working weekends. Negotiation is a way to solve disagreements without having to resort to hitting someone over the head. Even though we regularly take part in bargaining and haggling, the practical study of […]