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Olivia Falkowitz

Exploring cultural identity, social inclusion and sustainable food systems is a sneak peek of my many interests. Throughout my studies, I’ve researched the social and economical dimensions of the Nigerian video industry and rural development initiatives in a drug environment in Northern Laos. I’m always looking for local solutions to our societal issues, for the oldest gardening tricks and to learn new languages.

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International 20 mars 2016

Newroz in Turkey: What symbol for tomorrow?

Tomorrow, on the 21st of March, the spring equinox, is celebrated Iranian and Kurdish New Year, Newroz (in the Kurdish Kurmancî dialect). In Farsi the meaning of the word translates into “new day”1: it is a celebration of life towards a productive new year. Traditions regionally vary, however dances, jumping fire and food are core activities […]