Gjorgji Kostojchinoski
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Gjorgji Kostojchinoski

Gjorgji Kostojchinoski was born in Vevcani, Republic of Macedonia, and has been educated in Turkey and Switzerland. He holds a MA degree in International Relations and Political Science from the Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies in Geneva, and completed his BA degree in Bogazici University in Istanbul. Currently Gjorgji works with an international NGO holding a general consultative status with the UN ECOSOC. He has worked as a project manager for several human rights conferences organized in the Offices of the United Nations in Geneva. Gjorgji has published articles in English and Turkish. He is interested in national identity formation in the context of foreign policy making.

Articles de Gjorgji Kostojchinoski

International 11 mai 2016

Macedonian ‘Colorful Revolution’ : Explaining Counter-Revolutions

The recent demonstrations in the streets of Skopje, the capital of Macedonia, are in many ways similar to the colored revolutions that happened in other parts of Eastern Europe, claims Gjorgji Kostojchinoski. In particular, they share a common characteristic: the opposition of strong counter-protests. In this thought-stimulating piece, the author draws on the concepts of human security and national security to shed light on the phenomenon of counter-revolutions.