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Kristine Eck

Kristine Eck (PhD 2010) holds a dual appointment as an Assistant Professor at the Dept. of Peace and Conflict Research, Uppsala University (Sweden) and as a Researcher at the Swedish National Defense College. She is affiliated with the Uppsala Conflict Data Program (UCDP) where she has collected events data on violence against civilians and communal conflict. Her research focuses on the topics of civil war violence, state repression, and rebel recruitment. Much of her research builds on fieldwork amongst rebels in Nepal and Burma.

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Genre 13 juillet 2013

Male victimhood in armed conflict

A widely accepted claim is that women make up the majority of casualties in contemporary wars, but no academic or policy source offers the sort of gender disaggregated data necessary to draw such a conclusion. In effect, this claim has become a myth about armed conflict that has taken on a life of its own within both the policy and research communities...