Olga Vera Hänni
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Olga Vera Hänni

After a Bachelor’s degree in international relations in Geneva, Olga Vera graduated as a Master student from the renowned Dept. of Peace and Conflict Research, Uppsala University (Sweden), where her Master thesis entitled “Beyond Gender Stereotypes: Making Peacefulness a Human Quality” was priced as outstanding essay in peace and conflict studies. Olga Vera seeks to work as a peacebuilder, focusing on violence reduction and prevention through societal transformation. She is specialized in gender issues (specifically the masculinities-violence nexus); the MENA region; design, monitoring and evaluation; social entrepreneurship; mobile technologies for social change; and the role of Islam in peacebuilding.

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Genre 13 juillet 2013

Male victimhood in armed conflict

A widely accepted claim is that women make up the majority of casualties in contemporary wars, but no academic or policy source offers the sort of gender disaggregated data necessary to draw such a conclusion. In effect, this claim has become a myth about armed conflict that has taken on a life of its own within both the policy and research communities...